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Jagr traded to Florida


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lol Devils Twitter breaking a big trade...classic Lou.


Supposedly we got a two AND a choice of thirds - not bad.  Trading him to Florida definitely signals the end of our 'playoff chase' since we're trading him to a team in front :lol:


Its not supposedly. We get the 2nd this year and a choice of a 3rd in 2016.

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Jagr will enjoy playing in Florida especially if they paid him up with either Huberdeau or Barkov.

Let's see what else Lou does or has up his sleeve.

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I was hoping for somewhere with more of a playoff shot, but hey, good on Florida for going for it.


Same - but let's not forget the non-hockey side of this trade.  He's getting sent to warm and sunny Florida.  Not bad for a guy with more than a few aches and pains I'd imagine.


Great return, two picks for a guy that wasn't in the plan next year.  Great start, keep it going Lou!

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Well, yeah, that's a plus.  But for Jagr's sake - although who knows, then he could've gone to a team that I don't like.  I'll be rooting for Florida for sure.


I'm not sure he cares tbh...he'll get to play more there in all likelihood in any case, that seems to be his primary motivation.


And I can't imagine any offer being better than this so it's a win-win in my book :P

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Better return than I ever could've expected. Terrific job by Lou, who I'm sure is thrilled that he's in SD's good graces for the next five minutes or so. Guess he can sleep easier now.

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