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Clarkson to Jackets for Nathan Horton


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Because we're not that stupid?


Columbus gave up cap flexibility and got zero savings contract to contract.  Yes they get a live body but is CLARKSON really worth it?


I wouldnt say it's because we're not stupid. I don't think Columbus is stupid here.


The difference between us and Columbus is that we spend closer to the cap and obviously have more financial flexibility. They don't. The $5M they were paying Horton obviously was hurting them financially b/c it was for nothing. The cap space isn't valuable to them in the first place. Getting Clarkson back gives Columbus more flexibility in the long run. Horton provided nothing to them in terms of value for the $ other than LTIR cap relief which they didn't need/use because they're in a different financial situation than the Leafs who bleed money and don't bat an eye.


Even after this deal, Columbus still has more cap space than us.


I wouldnt wanted to have done this deal even for Clowe. I want nothing to do with Clarkson's absurd contract.

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On another note I just read Nathan Hortons story on his current injury situation. Really feel for the guy. A truly horrible situation.

I hope he is able to make a choice which he can come to terms with.


Oh he'll make a choice all right...he'll go to work with the NHL in Player Safety after Pronger finally retires  :P

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So what year do they need to surrender their picks Gary? 'Spirit of the CBA' right?


C'mon MD2020.  Bettman's waiting for the Devils to try to do something similar with Clowe...at which point he'll come to life and say "That's it!  Enough is enough!  Dammit Lou!"

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