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Oh, maybe it is different than in NJ. I was pretty sure in FL (maybe not now, but in the fairly recent past) it was illegal regardless.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was different in NJ, considering you guys were one of the first to allow online gambling again.

It varies state by state. Florida is much more restrictive.


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Gotcha, yep, that's what I thought. Good find.

In any event, scalping is illegal. How scalping is defined varies. My point was only that while I believe STHs should go whatever they like with their tix, as with anything it has to be within the bounds of the law. I'd like to go on a killing rampage sometimes, but I'm not allowed to :)

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Not quite sure how wanting the cup to be on display for our 20th anniversary for fans to see is a "smear campaign against STH", but I guess words being put in ones mouth at the first moments chance has become commonplace on this board


No, it was the snide and unnecessary remark you add like STHs are out in Championship Plaza or online trying to hustle people and make money. I gave mine away to a complete stranger who was practically begging for them because I couldn't make the time. I know others who did too.


It's not just you I'm directing this toward. This comment is just one of a lot of comments I've been seeing lately, it's like a whole mentality of, "If you're not with us against the owners, then you STHs are against us," or some other BS that's making its way around Devilsland. I'm not saying that's where you're coming from, but a lot these kinds of comments I've seen in the past two months are.


Good game, thought it was fvcking dumb they didn't have the Cup and conn smythe on display for regular fans to see, just STHs who get to sell their passes to their friends and other randos

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