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GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils


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I'm sorry that Devils fans had to pay to watch that, or that fans watched hoping for a win.


No gutsy efforts or ridiculous wins on the back of 35-40 saves by Schneider. The scoreboard needed to reflect the play on the ice, and the Devils need to finish the season with it being clear to ownership and management how far away this team is from being where they once were.


Hoping for two more losses embarrassing losses to close out the season. 

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Not only do I live in NY, but I live with several rags fans

my brothers a ranger fan and my dads an isles fan. There's only a small group of us devil fans on li

Hey lets have the last home game of the year against the Rangers..Brilliant!

That's not the devils fault. Thats randomly scheduled by the nhl

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Losses like this are necessary to get the point across.

Merrill, Larsson, Severson, Boucher, Mattaeu, etc need to remember this one. They are the leaders of the future. Getting mocked on your own ice. Sucks for Merrill but that's a growing pain and going to make him a better player in the long run. Liked Larsson's snarl tonight.

Our bottom five guys have to be way worse than anyone else in the league. Start with improvement there. You can't acquire a whole top line in one offseason.

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The most embarrassed I've ever been as a Devils fan. Worst thing I think I've witnessed on or off the ice was the crowd tonight. I'm so pissed I can't even put my thoughts together.

What happened? My area was tame.

Really dumb part on the Devils to give out pucks against Rangers fans. Should have been done against Montreal. 2 of the 3 exits had no pucks.

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at least Bernier tried to throw his weight around, good hit on hag's.  krieder wanted no part of fraser, I also like larsons edge tonight


the third was a decent period, just too many penalties. 


K.hayes looks like a solid skater for the rags... our boucher looked liked he belonged out there tonight  and 4 SOG

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Thankfully this miserable season is coming to an end.


I'm really, really tempted to be calling for Lou's head right now.  But I'll wait until I'm calmed down tomorrow to really think about this.

Just want a fresh start on all fronts, honestly.

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