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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread


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I think the Blues are going to get run over by the Wild.


I also thing that the Canucks are going to surprise people. This could be their year.

Kind of sh!tty. Everyone was making fun of vancouver for losing luongo and schneider and got stuck with nothing... Now they are in the playoffs and schneider and luongo arent

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So I wonder how many of these games I'll actually be able to watch - I don't have cable (Netflix is everything I could possibly need) and used NHL Centerice to watch the regular season.


NBC Go or whatever the hell it's called will probably carry some games, though I find the app completely and totally unreliable.


I'll have to give ragecenter a go

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I'm pulling for a Caps/Nashville Finals. I'd love to see Tampa win as well. The only two teams I'm actively rooting against are the Wild, Habs, and Rangers. 

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