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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread


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Yup, on paper this year's team is much better, but last year's team was much luckier. I'll still go down as saying last year's team was incredibly lucky on how their road to the Finals played out, from start to finish. I'm not afraid to say the Rangers are probably the best team in the league this year and a trip to the finals would be warranted, but last year, they were just flat out lucky.


This year: Zuccarello's out indefinitely, Yandle's almost definitely seriously injured, Girardi looks injured, McDonaugh's shoulder's probably injured again after last game, Klein was injured for the start of the playoffs and still (barely) recuperating, etc., etc... Last year, the stars seemed to align for their playoff run, none of this was even an issue. This is the only x-factor that might prevent them from making the Finals again, otherwise, like most people a few weeks ago, I previously thought they were a lock for the Finals.


Having seen both, last year's was much better defensively. Offensively, not as strong but had more proven locker room types that help you win big games. In a Game 7, not having Stralman, the good Boyle and Richards could hurt. There's certainly enough experienced players with Lundqvist, McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, Stepan, Kreider, Nash, St. Louis, Klein, Brassard, Moore. So, they do have plenty of guys who've been through it. I'm just speaking more about how having a huge minutes logger like Stralman was a huge advantage. The D is banged up. AV is pairing Staal with Boyle and Yandle with Klein to try to balance it out. We'll see how it plays out. 


There's another x-factor that isn't being discussed if they do complete the comeback. It's something really big. That's all I can say.

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