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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

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My buddy/co-worker is 1st cousins with Burakovsky. He'll be sporting his jersey right up against the glass tonight behind one of the goals.

Awesome. Hope he can send the Caps some good vibes.
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I'd like to take this moment to reiterate my appreciation of the Tampa Bay Lightning for defeating the Rangers

"When Valiquette made his playing debut in 2000, he was the tallest goaltender to ever play a game in the NHL at 6-foot-6. Ben Bishop, standing 6-foot-7, has since surpassed Valiquette as the tallest

I don't think Washington choked. I really don't. Even up 3-1, I thought the Rangers had a better chance to win the series. I don't think it's a choke losing to the President's trophy winners. 

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Can someone explain the rags alternate letters? I don't pay too close attention but i swear I've seen A's on all of girardi, steal, stepan, St. Louis and Nash at different times. Do they just rotate every game or something?

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Too many dumb penalties

bad calls IMO but can't blame the refs cuz rags are making them look good. Girardi fell like a sack of potatoes for a nothing tap in the back. And moore had a hold of green when he drew the tripping call. Edited by dmann422
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