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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread


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About to go insane. Working in a country club with people fans of the traditional big 3 sports. Everyone is now a ranger expert. It's fvckin beyond annoying. Heard today "you know i try to watch a period a night during the regular season but just can't keep up with it. But nothing matches playoff hockey. Playoff hockey this, playoff hockey that." FVCK OFF.

Already heard two smucks talking about a "finals round" box. Lundqvist is god. Compare other goalies on a scale of 1-hank. FVCK off. Hank was outplayed 6 of 7 games last series.

For all the "Brodeur is a Fraud" crowd, you ever think Brodeur made only 20 saves a game because he had excellent rebound control? Lundqvists "spectacular" saves come from his own sh!tty rebound control.

Honestly, I do feel bad for matteau and Derek. Being a Devils fan is never "cool" even when they are winning. It's great. You don't gain a bandwagon of sh!t. fvckin bitches.

its the sh!t like this that really gets under my skin .. people who have no idea about anything that has to do with hockey are now all of a sudden fans because its playoff time...yet where have they been all season long trying to watch "a period a night" shut the hell up. The devils really need to get it back together this season so we have some ground to stand on and something to be proud of again..its a tough time for us as fans right now with the rangers potentially being one of the best teams in the league for a few years now and us being out of the playoffs all together since 12'. I hope we find a way to turn it around for 15'-16'
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Oh they're everywhere, I'm zen about it all now. If I let it anger me, it will only ruin my day or week. They're in brand new "Rangerstown Proud" shirts getting into my building's parking lot, wearing brand new Rangers snapbacks walking into my gym, there's even a family right outside the Lincoln Tunnel (Jersey side) hanging 4 Rangers jerseys on their balcony, you can't miss it, and I make that commute in and out everyday.


Can't let it upset me anymore, whatever happens happens. I remind myself our management and certain players on our team couldn't be bothered to care all that much to show up the past few seasons (or make great decisions/actions), so I've tried not to care as much now. I'll continue going to games next season and beyond but it's no use getting worked up about the Rangers anymore.

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Same thing happened in 2012 with the Devils.  All of the sudden, everyone is a Devils fans.  Never seen so many Devils flags and signs on front porches and stickers on cars.


It's typical bandwagon trash and just don't let it get to you.  I see all the same Rags crap you are seeing and I just ignore it.  I love the Devils but its too nice of a spring/summer out there for me to get all worked up by what some idiot bandwagoners have to say.

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I wore my "Marty's Better / Lundqvist Lord of No Rings" shirt on Saturday and 2 sets of guys were like "Go Rangers"....


I stopped and explained to them that I was a Devils fan & that my shirt actually mocks their Team/Goalie....the looks on their faces was priceless !

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3-1 TB, Tyler Johnson with the first hatty in Lightning playoff history.

Keep crashing the net, Tampa, good things follow. This is MUCH better than Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass from Game 1.

Joe Blandisi superficially has seemed to follow a similar junior career arc to Tyler Johnson. So that's something to at least give a slight degree of optimism.

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