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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread


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I must give Tampa credit. I thought they were finished after losing at home in game 6, but they quieted that toilet bowl and played another perfect road game. Thank you ... I can watch tomorrow and the SCF in peace now.

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Al twatwig closes out this show with this.... "well see what happens with the Tampa Bay Lightning and either Chicago or Anaheim, you'll have to decide if you're gonna watch it" hahahhaha

This is actually the most accurate, truthful statement Trautwig has ever spoken. Ranger fans don't watch hockey unless the rags are involved and are passed round one.

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Lol did they forget Malkin played those 5 games with a fractured leg? Or how about that like 4 guys on Tampa have the flu or some sh!t. I hate everything about the rangers, from their owner to their douchebag fans


Heck Tampa shot themselves in the foot by playing pylon Morrow over Drouin. They were willfully not putting the best team on the ice.

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He's such a douche bag. He said Tampa has slim to none and slim just left town in reference to Tampa being able to win the cup.

"When Valiquette made his playing debut in 2000, he was the tallest goaltender to ever play a game in the NHL at 6-foot-6. Ben Bishop, standing 6-foot-7, has since surpassed Valiquette as the tallest NHL goaltender."


Now he has nothing..

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I feel bad for the chumptards who paid out the rectum for those seats last night. Okay I kid I don't feel bad.


After reading the "analysis" on MSG it makes me wish the Devils weren't stuck on that network.


The SCF should be entertaining regardless of who comes out of the west.

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The frightening thing is that Tampa is only going to get a lot better. Triplets not even in their prime yet, Drouin will obviously get a lot better, some intriguing prospects like Erne and De'Angelo, and they should have an enormous upgrade at goalie when Vasilevsky takes over for good.

The only thing that will put the brakes on it all will be the salary cap.

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