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Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread


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Yes, bobbleheads and wearing the jerseys are "ploys" to get more people into the building. The games are more fun with a packed house so the more the merrier to me.

obviously the games are more "fun" when the arena is packed.. as long as people arent sleeping like they have been in the past.. but the whole thing with the retro game once a year was that it was a special ONCE a year game..
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Also Devils will have TWO Retro Nights this year. 2/16 against Philly and 3/17 against Minnesota.

What are the chances they're wearing the white ones one of those nights? Maybe producing the white and greens along with the red and greens would satisfy ownership's likely desire to sell more sh!t and the fan base's refusal to accept a new design.

I also agree with you about the bobble heads. Henrique is the most tenured guy on that list.

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I doubt they will break out the white ones, but who knows.  I think this is more of the Devils gauging how much of a tolerance/interest Devils have for these special jersey nights, so it could be a test for future alternate jerseys.


I think part of the reason with no Patty bobblehead is that he is on what is probably his last Devils contract, and could be traded away at any point this season.

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There's no trade coming on defense, at least not before the season starts.  Schlemko has been a 7th D for 5 years and will conitnue to be one here.

While I see the signing as keeping Helgeson or Hrabarenka out of the lineup, I'm still okay with it.  It's hard to make a big deal out of the 7th defenseman.  I felt the same way about Harrold.  I wasn't pissed at him unless he was in the lineup too often, which he tended to be under DeBoer.  I wasn't particularly happy when he was playing over Larsson.

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