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What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick


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link? Not saying I don't believe you are we even have a shot at Malkin, but I googled it and couldn't find anything. Unless it's just speculation.

I'll try to find one. I remember an interview last year about how he loves Pittsburgh and that Pittsburgh and Russia are the places he would only play for.

I can't seem to find any but I do remember him saying something on the lines of that. I apologize if I end up wrong.

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If the context of Pittsburgh's defeat was different, and mainly the result of ineffective play by MAF, maybe you dangle Cory. However, MAF was not the issue, the Penguins best players were not their best players, and when that happens you won't be winning many series.

Are you talking about this series?  This was probably the best Fleury has played in a long time.  

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