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The Rangers will win the 2017 Stanley Cup. It's a foregone conclus


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I'm worried again. I know it's still the first round but Montreal is out of gas and pretty much quit on that overtime. Rangers will easily win game 6 at home. Then another very favorable match-up. Sens offense is kind of meh and if Price can't hold of the Rags, then I seriously doubt Craig Anderson will. They will also be getting a lot more quality scoring chances than the B's have had this series.

So they'll be in the ECF at least. And suddenly Lundqvist has flipped the switch and gone from middling at best and atrocious at worst to a Hall of Fame goalie again. How fortunate for them


I've tried to deny it, wish it away, rationalize that the fatigue of past series and grind em out games will get to them. That the breaks will stop going their way.

But it's not happening, this is a runaway freight train now, everything that can go in their favor will go on their favor, every bounce, every longshot odd, every deflection.

I will continue to root against them but it's absurdly futile at this point, they are literally the 86 Mets right now getting Buckner moments every night in their favor.

They have won the Cup...now how will Devils Army cope?


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This thread is almost as bad as half our fans and some of the pro Rangers media. They won one game and outplayed the Bolts. But took stupid penalties which allowed them to tie it. The goalies were even with Bishop giving a great performance. I expect it to be a long series. 


Fyi from what I've seen of the Ducks, I'd make them the favorites. Granted. They didn't play great competition the first two rounds. But their combo of size, skill and physicality is scary. They also are deep at center similar to the Kings. Protect Andersen and the D has played well. Getzlaf and Perry are lethal. Kesler has made all the difference. I think they'll exploit the Hawks defense minus Rozsival which means even more minutes for Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson and Oduya.

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Yeah. I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the icing on the poop flavored cake that was this season.

Also... Living in New York right now is hell. More power to the real fans who have watched the Rangers for years, but there are so many numbnuts who couldn't name a non-94 player strutting around talking like Mike Francessa about a team they clearly know nothing about other than what they read in an article that morning.

Oh well. I just haven't seen anything to show me that the horseshoe wedged up their bums is going anywhere.

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This series ends in six tops...five if the Lightning don't get a split in NY.  They're soft and don't have the fortitude to compete with this team.





Why is that funny?  The Lightning haven't impressed me at all this playoffs.  They played two other finesse teams that they should have thumped talentwise and barely scraped by both, nearly blowing a 3-0 lead in one.

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This is silly. The Wings have some of the greatest defensive minds in the game on the ice and behind the bench. The Habs yeah won two games, but almost blew a 3-0 lead? Really...you do realize Montreal won their division - yes not an amazing team overall but let's not pretend they were hot garbage.

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Let's wait and see how Anaheim domes today. I'll admit that I'm starting to get a bad feeling about the Rangers but I also think the Ducks have somewhat quietly built a buzz saw. I really wouldn't be surprised to see them run the Blackhawks out of the playoffs in 5 or 6 games, in which case I would be pretty confident about them in final. The big guns in Chicago have played a lot of hockey the last 5 years.

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