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UFC 187 - 2 title fights


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I need to start venturing into this sub-forum more. I completely missed this thread. Some of my random thoughts:

-- It's too bad Ansaroff got sick, I was really looking forward to Namajunas fighting since it's been awhile.

-- Hall is a bit of an enigma imo. One of the toughest looking dudes with tons of potential but then he has a tentative fight like that.

-- What an incredible round between Arlovski and Browne and a great performance by Arlovski!

-- Cerrone is a beast. Happy to see him win and get his title shot now.

-- Really thrilled to see Weidman whether an early storm by Belfort and then turn it around for a 1st round TKO. I'm a bit biased since I'll cheer for fighters that are somewhat local but I hope more people start to believe in him and back him. His resume speaks for itself.

-- I was also happy to see Cormier win the belt over Johnson. I really thought he was done for when he got dropped early but his chin and wrestling were not to be denied. Great moment for him.

-- Who knows how long Jones will be out but I wonder what the next fight is for Cormier if it isn't Jones? Him and Bader have been going back and forth online and then put on a show in the post-fight press conference. Maybe that's the next fight?

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Gustafsson up again for another shot at the title? In was in shock that he lost against Johhson....I don't think Bader will be a good fight.

I'm looking forward to the McGregor fight! I already blocked out that weekend.

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With the loss and the way he looked in his fight with Johnson, I think Gustafsson will have to re-establish himself before getting a title shot. Seems like Cormier vs. Bader is going to happen, so maybe Gustaffson gets a rematch with Johnson?

Also, I'm on the McGregor hype train. This guy is entertaining as hell in and out of the octagon. My family has been in America for generations so I only identify myself as "American" but this guy makes me want to embrace my great-grandparents heritage and be a plastic paddy. :P


Lawler - MacDonald should also be a really interesting match up. Also, looking forward to Thomas Almeida on that card. Kid is 23 years old with an 18-0 record and is 2-0 in the UFC.

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Good point with Gus...I couldn't believe he got dropped like that especially the way he competed against Jones, one good shot though can change the fight just like Travis landing that big shot to make things interesting (great fight).

I hope McGregor lands that insane hook kick!

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