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Ak 46 wants to come back to the NHL.


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Andrei kostitsyn is the goal scorer. Big bodie and a 2003 first round pick. He had issues where he played. Need te bo more commited to his team. His talent would help us, but i don't think he could be a core player.

Sergei in the other hand was playing great for Nashville. Great effort, doesn't have issues like his brother. He don't have the skill set of his brother but he his a great playmaker. He would bring speed and playmaking to our team. Frankly i would take him with us. A low risk contract... If it dont works, good bye. But that's my opinion.

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Would be an excellent signing - Kostitsyn is 30 turning 31 next February, he's from Belarus and NJ has a guy in Albany from Belarus as well as a possible prospect in Gavrus.  Worst-case scenario he's another Havlat and he walks at the end of the year, best-case is that he has a a decent season NJ can move him for a 3rd at the end of the year.  This is exactly the kind of player the Devils want.

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Sergei Kostitsyn has been release by his KHL team. Wonder if he is coming to tje NHL or signing elsewhere in the KHL.

one of the two has been a problem child in the past. hopefully it's not Devils. Although Shero was w/ Preds when one of them was traded to Nashville. don't remember the details

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