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A Friend In Need

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Hello! Before I start I just want to say that I normally wouldnt post something like this, but I feel like it is important enough to at least give it a try. A close friend of mine started a teaching career over in Japan over a year ago and it was a dream come true for her. However she has found herself in a pretty terrible spot. Since leaving for Japan her sister has had a series of serious health issues including finding out she has had epilepsy and several intense seizures. She ended up hitting her head during one seizure and lost a good portion of her ability to speak and eat properly along with trouble walking and just functioning normally due to severe brain trauma. My friend has been trying to save up enough money for a round trip home for a while now but because the yen is doing so poorly shes losing around $300 a month trying to save money. Her sister was improving greatly until a little while ago when she had another series of seizures basically canceling all of the progress she had made in physical therapy. Her sister was told that enough of these could potentially leave her in a vegetative state. I wont go into anymore detail but bottom line its been a very difficult and trying time for her and her family, and my friend is finding it increasingly difficult to get home to see her sister. 


I can't speak for everyone but throughout my life I have found that sibling relationships are incredibly important. I have two brothers that I consider my best friends and biggest supporters. And now that we are grown up, ive found that this to be even more important than ever. Ive found that they are two people I can always count on for help and guidance so my friends story hits home pretty hard. I couldnt imagine something like this happening to either one of my brothers, and how i would react to potentially losing one of them. 


My friend has started a fundraiser on gofundme.com in the hopes of being able to get home towards the end of July when she has a 2 week break from teaching. If she cant make it back then, she will have to wait till December and by then things might be worse off. 


Im not asking anyone here to donate money (of course any little bit would be greatly appreciated), but mainly if they have the time to possibly reblog in on facebook or tweet the link out to at least spread the word of her story. If even one person does that then I feel like this post was worth it. Here is the link for her fundraiser http://www.gofundme.com/wmy8gdc


I wasnt sure if posting something like this was against the rules of this forum, and if it is then im sorry and it can be taken down. Ive been on this forum for a while and know that its a great and passionate community, so i figured it would be a good place to post this. For anyone who reads this, thank you for your time and kindness.  

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