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Shero announces another assistant coach Geoff Ward


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Per EJ Hradek, Scott Stevens will be staying with the Devils organization, unknown to where he will be placed. Suggestions/speulations about a front office seat, to even coaching in Albany.

That is all I have for now.

Good, I hope that quiets down a lot of people overreacting.
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Stevens coaches Albany, and you do what with Kowalsky, throw him in the god damn trash?


Special assignment coach, anyone?


For all we know his contract (Kowalsky) may be up anyway lol.  I'm not in a rush to fire him but if they do make Stevens Albany coach nobody can ever complain again about how they're obliterating history.  Especially if Terreri/Albelin stay in the organization too.

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I sort of liked how the Devils had more assistants that weren't on the bench but I guess it's by no means necessary to have.  This is what TG had to say about the coaches still in limbo on Wednesday:


Shero said the futures of Tommy Albelin and Mike Foligno, who served as assistant coaches with the Devils this past season, are “to be determined.” It sounds like there is a decent chance that Albelin will remain with the organization in some capacity, possibly returning to Albany in the AHL, where he was as assistant for four seasons before returning to the NHL staff in 2014-15.

“I talked to Tommy yesterday,” Shero said. “We had a good conversation, I think, in terms of what he's done in the past and you always need good people and good coaches. I would say he's going to be in the mix in terms of whatever we may have going forward, whether it's in Albany or whatever. But, that's really a career decision for him.

“Mike Foligno I met with before and will follow up with him probably next week just to find out where he is.”

Shero mentioned Albelin multiple times and sounded as if he'd like to keep him in the organization if he wants to stay.




Edit:  Ha, Marshall beat me to it.  Well at least they have the quotes and the link now.

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Don't you guys read TG? Shero has talked about Albelin. He might stay but then it's most likely in Albany where there could be a spot open.


I do read TG, I must of missed that one however. So Albelin was with the Devils in the end as I thought. DeBoer had 3 assistants plus Terreri. Hynes has two plus Terreri. Lou had 4 assistants plus Terreri.

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