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John Moore to NJD


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Nice move by Shero. Upgrades the defense and he's still young (only 24).

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Moore is pretty terrible but he's the good kind of project for NJ to take on.  Really zero risk on a signing like this for them where there would be with other teams, if he turns into something he's a giant bargain, if not, he can be disappeared pretty easily (a buyout after this season would be $250,000 per year over the next 4 years)

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eh he sounds like a harold clone to me, but i guess he's young(ish). 3 years seems like a long term for him but i guess since he's young its fine and the AAV is fine for a bottom pairing guy.


I mean when the Coyotes don't want you that says a little bit... Not going to get excited either way on this one.

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