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Lou is New Toronto GM

William D'Aquila

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Very sad to see Lou depart, and to another team.

The man has been with the Devils for all but one year of my existence on this planet. And he is responsible for all the great traditions and values this club holds.

I am all for change, but I hope that the current owners and Shero appreciate what happened here and take it forward.

Thank you Lou. Truly glad I got to come to New Jersey last season and see him behind the bench up close.

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I am a Leafs fan now.


Peace out have fun with Harris and Blitzer.


We will you worthless piece of sh!t troll.  Your true colors are really out on this one.


Gone is the excuse that beetlebum is still here because he has "different opinions."  His anti-new owners about anything/everything is, and was always the entire reason for his nonsense.

And does cam switch to 13? These are the important questions we need answered lol


I hope not.  There are a good number of jerseys that need to be re-customized and a lot of Chinese knockoffs rendered worthless.

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In all seriousness, what an amazing man we had running this team for 30 years. What a fvcking run. Along with bringing Stanley Cup glory to a New Jersey team, he brought us class and respect that was unrivaled in the league. He also was a character that launched a million posts, memes, and jokes that I will forever remember and cherish. A legend forever. Thanks Lou.

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Leafs make the playoffs before us


Maybe.  It'll be interesting to see, for sure.


The Leafs have stacked their off-ice side of things this offseason.  



Shanahan is the president and primary public face.

Dubas is in charge of the Marlies, talking trades and analytics.

Hunter is in charge of junior players, drafting, etc.

Babcock is the head coach with input in player selection.

Lou is the "GM" that will speak to the media and have a stronger say into stuff.


Now all that's left is to build a capable roster.

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