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Fan Misery Index - Devils #1....really?


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Last season was definitely different.  That was when the house of cards collapsed under the pressure.  Last year we went into the season thinking we had bad luck with shootouts, the same team with the hopes that things would work out better.  We had Jagr, we signed Cam, we had a more mature defense, we had Cory to focus on.  What hopes do we have going into this year?  This is the year where we are starting the rebuild and it is going to be so much worse than last year.  But it hopefully will only get better than this going forward.

Cory will be there same or better. The D will be better. We lost Jagr, Brunner, Bernier, Zidlicky, Havlet, SalvadorSalvador, Harrold and one other offense guy. I think with the new guys coaches and system we will produce as many goals as last season and reduce GA. That sounds better to me.

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Who writes this stupid s**t??


He's either a Rangers/Flyers fan or actually a Devils fan. I can see some of the alarmists from the past 2 months with allegiances to the Devils thinking we're at the end of days as far as a fanbase is concerned. Some of the overreactive hyperbolic bullsh!t we've been seeing lately is unreal.

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