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NJDevils re-sign defenseman Adam Larsson to a six-year contract.


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If you're referring to Larsson being soft regarding physicality, I thought he actually made a big jump this past season in the physical part of the game, he played a lot meaner and more physical against opposing forwards. And also Jack Johnson is a much more physical player than Hedman, again if that's what you're referring to, Johnson had 157 Hits last season compared to Hedman's 51 Hits.


Oh, I meant mentally actually.  I just used those two as examples because they were highly touted high draft picks.  One was a disappointment and the other is just blossoming now.  I hate the concept of pointing at one moment because it never is just that one thing, but PK Subban's hit on him really showed me that he was still pretty weak-minded.


Physicality isn't as necessary anymore.  I'll really like our defense once Santini comes up.  He can be the one pit bull we need to clear the crease.

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Larsson isnt the most physical, however he made big strides in using his size last year, particularly behind the net..hopefully we see more in front of the net


on zajac, the main disapointment I saw last year was his complete lack of chemistry with cam, they never really clicked..which stinks!

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