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Thank You Marines, Thanks USA ; )


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The two marines in holiday (were they ?) that ... could hear the Kalashnikov being loaded in the WC and intercept the guy that was going to do a slaughter in the train (from Amsterdam to Paris) 


Awesome stuff, awesome training ! 


You guys are heroes ! 

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Military guys are ALWAYS "on duty" in one way or another. I also initially heard it was 2 Jarheads, but CNN says it was an Airman, a Guardsman, and "another" guy. researching who knows the real score. Saw a cool video from the train car,






Here's a more detailed report from the UK




Ha! The Belgian media is who started the "Marines" talk. Probably just lost in translation, ... or our Airforce & National Guard are just so badass they get mistaken for Marines!  :thumbsup:

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