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Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

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It literally couldn't be any worse. These zone entries are awful.

To me, that was the shortcoming. Gelly brings it up, everyone is stopped at blue line. What's the matter w/ chip/chase. Atleast you've got momentum. After 1st 3 PP's, no adjustment. He forces a pass like a QB that has no ability to find secondary receiver.  B's lined up on blue line-foget about it

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things i took from the game:


colton white and reece scarlett were pretty bad - white especially so. several bad passes, stupid giveaways and penalties.


i thought quenville, at least in the first period, played terrifically.


palmieri was the best player all game and I don't think it was particularly close.


zacha didn't appear out of place. i thought his play on the wall was good and he certainly has the NHL body and skills to play in the league. I know MacIssac was down on him on twitter but he certainly wasn't invisible out there.

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Agree with most of the takes, although I will say that while White struggled, he never panicked - I was glad Hynes kept tossing him out there.  He won't play another preseason game, but it was nice to give him the chance and now he knows the level he has to reach in order to at least be looked at by the team.  The Devils rarely put 18 year old 4th round picks into preseason games, in my memory at least.


Zacha clearly has the physical skills - I liked his pass off a rebound too, it shows his brain can slow the game down - there's a bunch of little things about his game that I didn't like from last night, but hopefully some of those can be sanded down or gotten rid of.


Quenneville didn't look out of place on that line, good for him.  Like Hynes said he's getting that shot with how he played in camp so far.  I'm hoping for a big year out of him in junior.


Gelinas has me yelling at the TV in the preseason.  

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