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Jagr's Still Got It


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Too bad Ms. Succubus.  Back to hell with the other demons for you.

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so... say your childhood idol sleeps with your gf.... are you kind of proud of her or pissed? haha


If he is anything like Peter Griffin he will feel like he slept with Jagr.


Better to find out now that she will blackmail someone for 2k then to hear a few months from now, oops, I forgot to take the pill.

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Thought this was pretty hilarious. I guess even at 43, being a single hockey star has its perks:


No, being a single hockey star from the little country of the Czech Republic has its perks.  Jagr is a household name in the Czech Republic.  It's a toss-up if you were to ask someone about Patrik Elias.  A Czech might know who Patty is, but without a doubt know Jagr.  

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