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Preseason GDT: NJ Devils @ NY Rangers 7 PM


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6:58 and still no GDT, take the liberty of starting one.




Cammalleri - Zajac - Tlusty

Sislo - Gionta - Tootoo

Matteau - O'Brien - Kennedy

Coleman - Pelley - Kujawinski


Greene - Larsson

Moore - Hrabarenka

Gragnani - Burlon







Kreider - Stepan - Stalberg

Glass - Moore - Hrivik

Bourque - Lindberg - Fast

Gibbons - Megna - Adam


Yandle - McIlrath

Skjei - Klein

Summers - Diaz





Seems like the Rangers are playing more NHL talent tonight than we are, excited to get our first look at Tlusty.

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I posted first! hahaha

not as official but i thought i was going crazy hahaha

know of any way i can watch thig game live stream wise? I'm at work and Dish doesn't carry MSG any more anyways 

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thoughts on this one


larsson and greene are in mid-season form. just solid, smart play.


hrabranka - goodness - when it rains it pours. bad luck and just not great


liked gragnani's legs on defense - don't know how me makes the team but thought he looked good.


13-19-9 looked fine, i guess. had some nice rushes. but this is what a 1st line on a terrible team looks like.


thankfully yann denis won't see time unless both goalies are hurt.


matteau also didn't help his cause at all. i think he's making the team, at least to start, because of his waiver status. but i just didn't see anything that stood out.

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Figured it couldn't be that good a night - NJ dressed their 1st line and 3 4th lines.  And it's not like Stephen Gionta is a player whose offense increases substantially playing against minor league competition - he is going to give you 4th line offense basically regardless of league or linemates.  I only caught parts of the game and wasn't too jazzed about anyone but the numbers say Larsson had a great game and he certainly looked good when I saw him.  


Tanner Glass is a clown among clowns.  

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