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GDT: Barclays Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 9/23/2015


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TG has tonight's lineup as:














Who cares about the Islanders lineup


Should be interesting though I imagine Gelinas-Mozik will be a trainwreck

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Was debating going to this but meh it's on TV now so really no reason to go. I don't like the arena enough to be bothered again. I'm curious to see how the Islanders do this year off the ice with this move.

Little fact. They still practice on LI, and all still live here, so they all have been taking the train  to barclays for practices / games.  (not the same train/s)

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I'm at the game and there are two sets of cameras on that side. One at the top of the lower level and one at the bottom of the upper level. They are using the camera that is at the bottom of the upper level (between that and the other cameras are two levels of suites)

I don't have any clue why they are using the higher up camera. I'm seeing it here on the jumbotron (which blows the rock's one out of the water) and it looks awful.

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