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RIP Yogi Berra

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As most of you may know, Yogi passed away late last night. I would assume most of you knew that besides being the Yankee and baseball legend he was, Yogi was also a huge Devils fan, which is why I started this thread on the main board. Yogi and Dr. McMullen were good friends, and Yogi could be seen attending games for years, until a couple of years ago when his health wouldn't allow it anymore. TG has a nice piece with quotes from Lou, who reminisced fondly about Yogi: http://fireandice.northjersey.com/mobile/fire-ice-1.174987/lou-lamoriello-remembers-yogi-berra-as-humble-legend-and-devils-fan-he-loved-the-game-of-hockey-1.1416096

RIP Yogi. You will be sorely missed. 'When you come to a fork in the road- take it'.

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When people ask me what I think of the New Jersey Devils, I always say, I think they're pretty darn good. I don't think it matters that they play in a so-so arena near a highway. Or that they don't have big-name stars and get knocked for being in New Jersey. So they can't decide on a good place for a parade -- so what? How many teams are raising another Stanley Cup?

From 2003 a piece Berra wrote about the Devils

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Ha, never knew he was a Devils fan either -- that's cool.


His baseball stats are pretty amazing.  In 1950 he had 656 plate appearances and only struck out 12 times! TWELVE!  Overall he had like 8,300 career plate appearances and like 414 strikeouts I think, which is like 96%.  Insane.



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