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GDT: Winnipeg @ Devils 7:00 PM


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I know for a fact that there is someone in the gameworn community that collects Stephen Gionta stuff. Meigray never ever has his gamers because this person preorders all the sets.


I know a few actually.  His jerseys never reach Meigray as like you said they are always pre-ordered well in advance.  It's amazing how his stuff is harder to get than a Brodeur, Schneider, Henrique or Elias jersey.

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I'm on my way to the arena now. I didn't have any interest in the red carpet event but it looks like the players and fans had a good time at it and the turnout looked good. These little things are definitely heading in a good direction with this organization.


Looks like they beat most of the expected rain too.  I am finishing up work in my office in Somerset and it looks really bad outside.

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You can now play sports bingo while watching the game. You can choose up to 5 random things to put on your card (shaded in light red are my selections) and the rest are random. You can win various prizes for getting Bingo. Kind of thought it would be fun to try. Here's my card and the link if you wanna try yourself.






:koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid: Let's Go Devils!!! :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid: 

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