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Two quick things about this year's Devils team


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I haven't gotten much of a chance to see Devils games so far this year - I've missed the last 3 and I think I wasn't able to watch all of the Winnipeg and Washington games.  That said, there are two interesting stats trends so far that bear watching.


1:  The Devils' shots against totals are back to DeBoer levels:  


Devils' SA per 60 minutes totals by season:


11-12:  25.9

12-13:  22.4

13-14:  23.8

14-15:  28.8

15-16:  21.7


Now this 21.7 number is not sustainable - the Devils have basically been either trailing or tied for the entire season so far, and that usually means fewer shots against.  Still, the Devils are without Patrik Elias who was a giant shot suppressor over this period up until last season, and it sure seems like NJ can achieve 25 SA/60 if they can stay relatively healthy.  Remember also that last year's numbers are boosted by DeBoer being here - they had to be over 30 SA/60 with the horrible coaching triumverate.


2:  The Devils are using nutty deployment with their defensemen so far


This feels very much like an analytics move by Hynes so far - right now of the shifts started in the offensive or defensive zone by Damon Severson, he's started 84% in the offensive zone.  Schlemko is up in the 70s as well.  Meanwhile Larsson and Greene are around 25%.  The range in the NHL last year was 34.7% (Josh Gorges) to 68.8% (David Rundblad) - we'll have to see how this progresses.  I can't imagine it stays at this rate, but using Larsson and Greene as D-zone warriors makes perfect sense to me.

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I wish Larsson had a bit more of an offensive upside (poor timing to be saying this with his recent OT goal) but if he turns into a "D-zone warrior" I'll be very, very happy.


I feel like the Devils haven't had a true shutdown guy since.. maybe Volch and/or Salvador before their play dropped off?

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I think playing a lot more home games helps with shot suppression between undercounting shots and Hynes being able to get his matchups. Still, it's great seeing the young d able to handle their minutes. Could see a 13-14 type season, meaning us being somewhat close to a playoff spot. Though, we don't have a top line forward a la Jagr

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If anyone read the Rob Vollman article posted on NHL.com today, Cory is ranked 2nd in his metrics of home plate save percentage (since 2012, behind Holtby), and 2nd in quality start percentage (since 2010, behind Rask). Illustrates his elite level. On a better team, he's in the same conversation as Price.

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all of our D men are good skaters and decent stickhandlers so they are using that in the breakouts with the back pass to the trailer. its giving the puck to a guy with his head up and space to go.. Larson's 1 vs 1 game has looked incredible so far, maybe he hasn't faced elite speed but every time he's faced a winger coming in with speed he has made the step-out and forced the man wide. .gotta admit this faster style of play beats the old dump and pin, .....so far!    and too too has 19 SOG lol

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