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Gionta: Devils Can Make Another 2012-Like Run


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Wouldn't that be something though. Not one true superstar yet still cup champs.


Marty, Stevens, Nieuwendyk and Neidermayer are/are going to be HOF'ers say hello.


Rafalski and Elias are all stars and also say hello.



Plus this is the word of a guy who didn't start playing on the 11-12 team until the last week of the regular season.

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I see nothing wrong with this mentality, as a matter of fact, that is the mentality they all should have.  You don't want the losing mentality. 


I play beer league hockey, and no matter how bad my team is, our competitiveness takes over and we play to win, we always feel like we have that outsiders chance to win it all.

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whats important here is the team seems like they believe in themselves which is huge for them.. i hope they pull out another W tomorrow.. let there fire keep rolling and take things one step at a time. A bunch of B team players may be B team players but if they can find chemistry together and put together good performances who knows what they could end up doing. (no i dont have very high expectations, but i do think its possible they could surprise)

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