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2015 New York Red Bulls

Satans Hockey

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I know there are some fans on here. I've been a season ticket holder for more years then I'd like to count now but if anyone hasn't gone to a game yet I highly recommend coming out to the playoff game Sunday at Red bull arena.

They have been amazing this season with winning a supporters shield when everyone, including myself thought they would be lucky to make the playoffs.

They went down to DC yesterday and got a 1-0 win. The semifinals in this round is a 2 game aggregate series.

I'm hoping for a big win to just stomp on our most hated rival DC on Sunday and then to catch the second half of the Devils game right after.

Anyone else following or going?

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I'm not a Red Bulls fan but as a soccer fan I end up watching the majority of their games (same with NYCFC and the nationally televised MLS games). It's been a crazy year, I certainly didn't expect this type of year after the messy firing of Petke. Have to give Ali Curtis, Jesse Marsch and the players a ton of credit.

The additions of Felipe and Kljestan have worked out really well to form an awesome midfield with McCarty. Mike Grella has been a great find to work up front with Sam and BWP. Miazga has been awesome this year and could potentially end up having a solid USMNT career. Plus you have to respect Robles.

I guess what I'm getting at is what they've done this year has been amazing considering all of the offseason drama and player turnover. As someone with no allegiance, the Red Bulls have been a joy to watch and I find a lot of their players to be guys that you want to see have success.

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Gotta agree fiesty, I never imagined they would be this good with the way the off season went. It's amazing how Grella has better stats then Altidore and he's only making 60k vs 6 million lol

I love the Red Bulls but haven't had time to go to a game yet. Maybe the playoffs this Saturday

The game is Sunday at 3pm. Should be a fun atmosphere. I'm going to the try to make the second half of the Devils game.

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