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GDT: Devils @ ChiTown 8:30


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I have a bad feeling about this.

My mind says 6-2 Chicago

My heart says 3-2 Devils in OT


Your heart was pretty damned close.

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Taking my daughter to the Pens game on Sat.  Hope she gets to see a win.  Just enjoying this start.  Never expected it.

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That is a impressive win. Schneider is why you won. But also again you see the Devils relentlessness as a team after getting scored on. They come back. I think what it comes down to is they believe in the coach. They are a much tougher team this year because they don't give up. 

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I worry about Kalinin's health - that hit in Russia was ugly and the dude's already taken some pretty big shots here in the NHL - but he looks like a find.  He's not going to put up big numbers but he's smart enough to play on a power play and he's got board skills.  I've always loved big European players, they're usually smart enough to know where the play is going and they don't run around looking for big hits.  Kudos to the NJ scouting staff or whoever managed to dig him up.


Not the prettiest win - Chicago is just better and played like it all night outside of their goal crease - but NJ did capitalize on some Chicago breakdowns and Crawford wasn't very good on that Henrique shot.

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I would trade the above mentioned 4 players for a toothy back alley blowjob

I don't think it'd characterize it quite like that. However, that being said, when I read this post I shot vodka soda out of my nose from laughing so hard. In sum, well done sir, well done...

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