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GDT: Devils vs Penguins, 7PM


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You keep waiting for the wheels to fall off and for this team to drop somewhere we expected, but it just won't happen. It seems like before every game I'm thinking "great run, but big game against Chicago/Vancouver/St. Louis, huge division game against Pittsburgh, whoever, we'll probably see this even out", but it just won't. I'm worried the second I believe this is a top three team in the Met, it'll all crash. But god damn is this fun.

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Is this the first win your daughter has seen? If so, finally!

You guys picked a good one.

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She saw a win in her very first game (2-1 win against Dallas during the 2010-11 season...I doubt she has any memories of it...it was an ugly game too). Nothing but losses since (and I don't think she ever saw the Devils score more than two goals in any given game). She ran out of energy in the third (she's only seven), so as soon as Stepniak made it 4-0 we took her home. She passed out in the car. But she had a blast overall. Edited by Colorado Rockies 1976
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Basically the John Mac and the rest of the crew were agreeing how well the Devils have been doing and Steve just started pouting and saying "yeah but they still won't make the playoffs!"


Standard television talk-show format haha... You can't have 4 guys agreeing with each other, always need a wildcard. Let's not get bent out of shape over it, I think Valiquette brings some good things to show.

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i feel like the devils tonight had more shots than they knew what to do with. seriously!


this game could've EASILY been 8-0.  how many one-timers/ point blank/ breakaways were they unable to convert on? awesome, just awesome.


the pens on the other hand didn't even look like they belong in the NHL, they looked like they were standing still

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Great win for the Devils tonight. I think this team is showing us how important a coach can be to a team. And a world class goalie.

This team is making me care about wins and losses again, which is great for me as a fan but bad for my mental health. I keep thinking we're due for a string of losses but watching these guys compete every game has given me hope.

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