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NFL Week 10 Thread


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Giants always play the Pats tough (funny in that it's not like they're constantly playing each other the way the Pats and Jets face each other at least twice a year), and I can't make too much out of one week and one opponent.  Adjusting in-game to losing a guy like Edelman isn't easy.


We'll find out in the next few weeks if Amendola (also injury-prone) is capable of approximating Edelman, because that's what he'll be asked to do.  If he can't (or doesn't stay healthy), the O is clearly going to take a hit.   

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Can't say I'm that surprised that Houston knocked off the Bengals last night...a bit, sure, but not terribly. 


As much as I can't stand Fat fvck Francesa (who is struggling more and more to put simple sentences together...not that he was ever great, but he should stammer and "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I mean" his way through a retirement speech and be done with it), he was right about something yesterday:  the NFL on-field product is not compelling right now.  None of these teams are terribly good, and that includes the Pats...the 2007 comparisons (due to W-L and only that) are a farce.  The 2007 team was significantly better...but the Pats still might win a Super Bowl mostly because no one else is really all that good either (though I think the playoffs are going to be "anything can happen" now more than ever...it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Pats get knocked off at home).  More and more it's feeling like it's this year's champ is going to be the best of a mediocre lot.  And now that Peyton has aged 20 years overnight, who's going to make up the next "this QB vs. that QB" debate that gets fans of all teams involved?  Brady vs. Manning (regardless of what side of the fence you were on) always made for great chatter, especially since their teams played each other so often and in so many important games.  Obviously there's still some terrific QBs in the game, but who knows when we get such a good QB battle again?  Just another little something that will be lost and very difficult to replace. 

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If the Dolphins were in the AFC South, they'd be tied for first place.


If the Jets played in the NFC East, we'd have sole possession of 1st! :P


..very frustrating always playing in one of the best divisions in football.. if not, THE best division period. The AFC East is the only division in the NFL that has 3 out of 4 teams .500 or better. And if Miami takes care of the Cowboys on Sunday, no team will have a losing record heading into Thanksgiving! This division still legitimately has a chance to send 3 teams into the playoffs. Crazy.

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