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Avs vs the bobble heads


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Thank you for a pleasantly surprising start Devils...hope you can keep it up! Let's Go Devils!!

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Weak sh!t goal Schnieder, ugh

Merrill absolutely fvcking sucks fvcking big fvcking donkey cock.

Schneider gives up nothing but weak goals. He's superman until it's shortside or shot directly into his glove.


These aren't the games we can be losing if this is a serious playoff contender. A point back, this is where you gotta get the points.

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God damn Stan Fischler is annoying. "Jaime Benn is the best unknown player in the league". What? WHAT? If you don't know who Jaime Benn is you don't know piss about hockey.


In a way, he's not wrong. Jamie Benn has not had his coming out party on a big stage. He quietly won the Art Ross Trophy last year. The average hockey fan isn't watching Stars games. I bet most fans couldn't accurately describe his game or what makes him so good.

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