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GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils 7pm (MSG+, WFAN)


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just when I think somebody might be able to stop this team, they set me straight with a gutty OT win against a hot goalie. nice watching the eventual 15-16 cup champs for a bit tonight

Another great win baby.Too sweet!!!

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Has John Moore looked this impressive all year. He and Severson were excellent all game.

The Detroit Play by play guys said he(Moore) had a Niedermayer-like rush up the middle.  I unfortunately missed it, but yeah, he had a great game and he looks awesome on the PP.  Severson contributes with a point or two and is our leading d-man scorer.  Schneider was great too, he made two early saves in the 3v3 against Tatar I believe. 

I really hate to say it, but I think Elias might be on the way out if we can get anything for him.  It's starting to look like he's done, just doesn't have the foot-speed to keep up with the top 6 forwards and to make matters worse, I think his offensive instincts are pretty much shot.  He doesn't exactly look lost, but the play is simply sub-par right now.  He misses the net, doesn't shoot from what I've seen in this game.  Throw him on the 3rd line with Yayo if we can't find a taker who will give us a 3rd rounder.   

It pains me to say this, truly.  Maybe he can turn it around and get a few good bounces, but hopefully he can kind of mentor for Kalinin and Josefson while he's still here.  Does anyone think we could bring back Jagr on a trade for Elias?? Lmao.

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