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GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils 7pm (MSG+, WFAN)


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More likely he had the nameplate switched on his Brodeur jersey. Not that that is any less stupid lol.

That would defy logic on a complete other level...

Also helped Detroit didnt have their best legs tonight and were coming off a game last night. Still very impressive coming down from two goals in the 3rd.

Coming back from down two in the 3rd with no Henrique or Zajac to boot! Very gutty win tonight, I'm proud of the way this team battles and never quits.
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He should be a part of our top six for the next long, long time. Quickly becoming my favorite player

Absolutely agree. Great young pickup for the present and future by Shero. As another poster said, he's and RFA this summer. Shero should lock him up long term or at least see his options regarding his remaining Restricted years. As Shero said at the draft, "He's a player for the present but also for the future" , which is nice to hear. He'll be with us for quite some time imo, especially if he continues to play like this.

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Blandisi looked great out there for his first game, took three shots on net and skated hard to the puck.


Schneider was great, he stopped all ES shots tonight.


Severson is just becoming a fantastic player.


John Moore can play hockey, great pick up.


Lee Stempniak continues to prove himself to be one of the many steals for the Devils this season. You make a pass like that and you're an NHL player, period.

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