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GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils 7pm (MSG+, WFAN)


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agree with the others! 2 goals down and coming back for 2 pts was awesome and gutty...tbh, I didn't think it was going to happen

JJ isn't a scorer but he sure doesn't look out of place skating with top opposition talent

Kalinin looks strong again

wings are still well coached, and their green looked good and re-energized

patty , eh  que the fat lady???

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For all the talk that NJ has gotten lucky (and they have to a degree), they actually have more scoring chances than their opponents


Where is "all the talk that NJ has gotten lucky"? Who doesn't get lucky "to a degree"? 


NJ is right where they should be; they are in a wild card spot and on the cusp of being just outside of a wild card spot. They haven't been fantastic but they are a good team. 

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I don't know if you're serious, neb00rs, but a daily topic on this forum is that the Devils are "unbelievably lucky" and going to come back "down to earth" soon


Unrelated items. I've seen the "going to come back down to earth" stuff. It may happen because they are playing above their heads somewhat. That doesn't imply that they have been "lucky."

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I enjoy watching this team. They play with such heart and intensity. So resilient. Relentless like their Twitter hashtag. I think it has a lot to do with the coach. Hynes was a great hire. The Pens just fired Johnston too. And brought in Mike Sullivan. Good luck with that.


Here is Hasan's recap of a great comeback win by the Devils.

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