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Upgrade from Hell...


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I like the new theme, obviously better than the blue, but it's a nice and different change from the previous one.  Will take some getting used to, but so far so far.

Only thing I don't like is the differentiation, or lack thereof, between a quoted post, and the post that that quote is within.  There should be more than just a thin black/gray line and shade.  Right now it's a little hard to distinguish who said what, and where the quote ends and the actual post begins.

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10 hours ago, Triumph said:

Signatures are way too big for me.  I'd prefer not to have to remove them entirely on my own settings - I assume I can - but sundstrom has 2 youtube links in his sig and it basically takes up my entire laptop screen


Are they just links or do you see the actual video? I don't want to remove them but I will if my signature makes it bad for everyone else. 

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