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I see what CR1976 means regarding Denver being a place where things tend to go screwy for N.E. (the Patriots first loss of the season in the snow to Osweiler was very weird) The Denver D is stout and will pressure Brady moreso than the KC defense did, however Brady can get rid of the ball very fast to neutralize the rush.

I just have a feeling it could be a very ugly final game for Manning. The body can no longer do what the mind wants it. Osweiler while still somewhat green can make all the throws. Manning looks worse than Pennington on his worst day. Denver is not capable of picking up big chunks of yards at any time, so they'll have to win with the 1990 Giants vs. Bills strategy...ball control offense, modest chunks of yards. Keep Brady off the field.

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I remember Brady's first game in Denver (his second season, not long after he had taken over for the injured Bledsoe)...he threw his first four career picks, all in the fourth quarter, and the Broncos stormed back to win the game.  There was also the playoff game there about 10 years ago (Brady's first playoff loss), where Jake Plummer was the Broncos' QB, but the Pats never put him in a position where he had to win the game because they turned the ball over five times (I think two of them came on unforced fumbles)...and of course, Brady threw the pick to Champ Bailey that he returned about 100 years but just missed getting into the endzone (the Broncos scored very shortly thereafter anyway)...completely turned that game for the Broncos.  And this season, the Pats appeared to have the game pretty close to wrapped up...then the special team fumble, and another horror story in Denver.  That place has ALWAYS been a very tough place for the Patriots. 

And yeah '7', you pretty much have nailed what the blueprint will be...it's pretty much the same one that other teams have used to beat the Pats in the playoffs before last season:  hold the Pats to less than 20 points, and expose the defense that rarely picks up for the offense when the O is held in check.  The Pats are 0-6 in the playoffs since the 2008 Super Bowl when they score 21 points or less.  Very telling.  They've been doing it with offense for many years now. 


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