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The Marty Night thread


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I had a place-holder photo (8" x 12") up on the wall, just in case you got too busy or if the overall result just didn't come together.  As soon as I saw this I couldn't get the place-holder photo off the wall fast enough.  You better get crackin' on the Elias version...

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CR76, back on page 2 you noted: "Probably had to do with whatever photos the artist was working from.  He probably wouldn't even know the difference."

I know the artist personally.  He knows the difference in the pads.  Marty chose the photo that he worked from which was from his last game as a Devil.  He wore the big pads then and thus that is what he sculpted. 


As for arcade machines, for those interested in building one, check out this book (link).  I used this and built my own.  Built one with two joysticks, 7 buttons each, track ball.  Plays lots of games.

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That's why I said "probably" and not "definitely".  Cool that he had some attachment to his subject though, beyond just trying to create a work of art.  

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I agree with everyone else who has seen it:  MITB did a fantastic job.  I strongly encourage everyone here to make whatever donation you can to the site, if only because it makes sense that everyone who enjoys this community share a little bit of the burden of keeping the lights on.  Now that donation comes with a terrific bonus.  These could easily go on eBay and net Martyisth3b3st a nice profit.  Great gesture by him to use his powers for good instead.

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