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Bathrooms at the arena need to be fixed

Satans Hockey

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Who should we be contacting about the state of the bathrooms lately? The bathroom in the club seats behind the penalty box has 2 stalls and only 1 has a door and the bathroom behind section 22 has 3 stalls and only 2 have doors. How is this acceptable? It's been like this almost all season. How hard is it to order a replacement door?  Especially cause the mens bathrooms have so few stalls as it is, plus it just looks terrible. It's been like this from the start of the season I believe. Anymore then a week should be unacceptable. 

I've heard some complaints about the womens bathroom stalls not locking as well. 

Does anyone know why these things aren't being fixed? 


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The bathrooms in general throughout the arena need to be worked on.  They also need to have more bathroom attendant working on cleaning up in the restrooms during the game.  If you want to be a first class facility, it's little things like how clean the bathrooms are that make a big difference.

I would contact Hugh Weber and Scott O'Neill and complain.  They may pass you over to the head of facilities operations for the arena, but I believe that you will get a response.

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