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New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

Colorado Rockies 1976

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7 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

To their credit, they have played some terrific defense indeed.  But guys have to start hitting. 

Yeah, they are pretty much having their typical years offensively...I do think Walker will get going, and I can't see Cabrera not doing anything with RISP forever. 

But NYP's Mike Vaccaro pretty much nailed it...said Terry needs to start practicing what he preaches when it comes to the "hit or sit" crap. 

Even though this is small sample size stuff (man I get sick of saying "small sample size"), to me it's getting close to do-or-die with Reyes.  He's gotten 10 games (mostly at Flores' expense) to show that he can be a significant upgrade, or at the very least, be a leadoff-type hitter that could at least be better than 2016 Granderson (the 2015 Grandy did a fine job in the leadoff spot). 

Well, here's what the Mets have gotten out of him so far...and as we know, the SLG% is making everything look better...we also know that he's not going to keep hitting HRs, which he wasn't even asked to do...he was brought here to get on base.  Like Has alluded to, at his peak, Reyes was a pretty good (and occasionally electrifying) leadoff hitter.  But never really great.  Not even close. 

And in this, yes, small sample, Reyes is hitting like a declining leadoff man who was never great at drawing walks in the first place, and who is seeing his early negatives somewhat offset by three HRs (solo of course) that, based on his career and his most recent seasons, feel very "random-event":

10 GP, 44 PA, 40 AB, 9 H, 3 2B, 3 HR, 3 BB, 6 K, .225/.273/.525 slash.  His SLG%s were .398 and .378 the past two years. 

If TC wants to give him a few more games to get it going, fine, but he's done nothing to deserve that "scholarship" treatment.  If an inconsistent-but-hitting Flores can be shoved aside for not-even-hitting-AA-pitching Reyes, then a currently non-hitting Reyes (who's pretty lucky to even have a job right now) can be shoved aside for Flores.

And this isn't any major endorsement of Flores...it wouldn't surprise me if he went ice-cold if he was given back the everyday third-base job.  But I don't think Reyes should just continue to be allowed to be kind of meh-ish, as though he's still in his prime and a sure thing to break out.  At some point, you gotta make the very most of the opportunity that was gifted to you.  Reyes is running out of time (or at least he should be). 

I can't entirely rule out that Reyes may be able to make some nice contributions here...but I hate the whole way this was handled.  Rushed up when he wasn't even hitting minor-leaguers.  Given unconditional playing time despite not getting on base much when that's exactly what he was brought here for...why bat him leadoff if it's not his job to get on base?  This has felt like the baseball equivalent of making fetch happen, and it's getting closer and closer to the point where the Mets will have to decide if Reyes can really help this team, or if he's just continuing to decline. 

And the Mets with Reyes are 4-6.  No, of course it doesn't ever come down to one player, and it's only 10 games.  But he hasn't made much of an impact.


That's fair Has, and I know I've brought it up before, but there's just been too many of these "meh...not disastrous, but meh" outings from the starting pitching when better was needed.  It's somehow a little more annoying with Matz because he seems destined to be that "It's always something" guy.  It's kind of funny how deGrom has really flown under the radar...he's actually really been pretty consistent throughout this year.  And Colon has really managed to keep those infamous implosion outings to a bare minimum. 

Mets have to figure out what the deal is with Matz and Syndergaard soon...if they're not capable of performing to their best, or struggling to even come close, then for once as an organization, don't be so fvcking wishy-washy and make a fvcking decision.  If they're better off getting bone spur surgery for their long-term health, then just shut them down.  Yeah, it will suck, and sure, performing when you're less than 100% or in some pain is part of the gig, but it seems pointless to make these guys keep going out there if they can't shut teams down...this offense isn't capable of supporting them consistently if they're going to keep giving up 3+ runs per start from here on out.

Thor I have faith in, the chip is smaller, and he seems like a Texas tough kid who won't be stopped. Matz looks like the type of guy where everything needs to be perfect for him to succeed. I've noticed he's also quite the animated guy on the mound, doesn't hide his displeasure (reminds me of Al Leiter in that way)

If we can acquire an arm then I would absolutely tell Matz to go have the surgery. 5 innings, 4 er is not going to cut it...Wheeler is working his way back into the mix anyway.

With Reyes there...I would STILL hunt for a 3b. I still want Yunel Escobar here. He gives us EXACTLY what we need. A guy who can flat out hit. Get Escobar and then you can mix Reyes in at SS, 2B, and 3B occasionally. I don't like Jose playing every day anyway.

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1 minute ago, '7' said:

I like how Wilmer's last AB is a home run and his reward is an immediate benching tonight.

Reyes must have pictures of Sandy and Terry fondling children.  Not exactly sure why he's the unquestioned everyday 3rd baseman, but like I said, I'll live with him getting a few more games.  But if he isn't hitting by then, then sorry Jose, you had a shot that no one else would've given you, but you didn't do enough.  

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Walker flubs an easy backhand on what should've been a double play. Cubs have 1st and 2nd nobody out here. Game could be over in a hurry if Thor doesn't shut this inning down because the Mets aren't scoring a run of Arrieta

And now Rivera fails to block a ball opting to try and backhand it...to the backstop. 2nd and 3rd.

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Bouncer to Rivera, basically an easy block. He lets it passed him, then picks it up and throws it into the outfield. Nice idiot.

1-0 Cubs. That's game

Cespedes is in pain and will likely need to be DL'd soon. You can see him grimacing and he is not moving around the outfield well at all.

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God De Aza is such a worthless sh!t. Though he was totally jobbed on strike 2 to make it 1-2 which was way inside and pulled in. 2nd terrible miss of the night after he bungled Arrieta being out at the plate. At this point in the game I have no clue how you go to De Aza over Kelly Johnson in a PH situation. De Aza is like statistically the worst player in baseball.

Thor with a tough 5 2/3rd. Gutsy. 7 hits, but also 8k's and great velocity. He was facing a tough lineup. Only run was unearned. Can't complain really.

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If you don't...aw fvck it, we'll give you chance after chance to fail anyway.  Cause we're the Mets and that's what we do.  

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Nice call dickhead.  Wasn't even close.  Paying attention Mr. Torre?

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The umpiring in this game has been criminally bad. If not for replay the Mets dugout would've had multiple tosses. The play at the plate and at first were both awful. And the pitch to make it 1-2. A gift to Arrieta.

Jeez Familia. 0-2 and you walk him? ugh. Nothing even close to the zone after either.

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2 minutes ago, '7' said:

And of course a crap bunt turns out perfectly hugs the line. Reyes does what he can and get get the runner. Awful. Disgusting.

Cubs win

Honestly that was probably a dumb decision to bunt to begin with.  But then Reyes should have just let the ball go foul instead of taking the .2% chance he'd actually be able to barehand it and throw him out.

I'd almost prefer losing the lead on a bomb then self-inflicted wounds (two walks and a mental error).

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