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Gelinas to Colorado for a 3rd


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2 hours ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Gelinas on TSN right now.  Will report if he says anything interesting.


  1. He was 50/50 on being traded, wasn't certain it was happening until we claimed that defenseman from Pittsburgh
  2. Frustrated being healthy scratched, never requested trade though.  Was intent on earning a spot.
  3. Looking forward to playing with star forwards, no dig at NJ though despite what the hosts were trying to imply.

Uneventful overall, pretty standard hockey interview.  No sour grapes or dirty laundry aired.

Good for him. His past couple years have been pretty frustrating. I know they're pros, but I might have let out a little of my frustration in an interview like this. Above all, he must just feel relieved and hopeful. I hope the best for him. I don't think he'll go on to have a great NHL career, but whatever, I hope he does. Good dude.

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Eric Gelinas is never going to be a good defenseman. On top of that, if we aren't even going to put him on the PP and utilize his one tool, why keep him around? We just got the best possible return we will ever be able to get for him.

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While I'll say the return (2nd and 4th) we got for Lee Stempniak was very good, and just a bit more than I expected; it's funny (and amazing) to think we got a 3rd for Gelinas.

A 2nd and 4th for our leading scorer vs. a 3rd for a guy who's done absolutely nothing this season, and has a year left of a contract getting paid more than Lee.

Lee trade GOOD, Gelinas trade AWESOME.

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