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GDT Carolina at Devils 3-1 7pm

Satans Hockey

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So I know the playoff hopes at this point are pretty much non existent and we are going to have even more trouble scoring without Lee now but what the hell lets get a win! 


Smith-Pelly will be wearing #25 and Warsofsky will be wearing #47

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Kinda hoping for one extreme or the other.  If we could somehow slip into the playoffs, it would be pretty a amazing run and would probably guarantee Schneider the Vezina.  On the other hand, it's not too late to jump at least 4 more spots in the draft order with a good slide.  

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This game reminded me too much of last year. In the end, it's the result this team needs now so I'm not too upset.


palmieri passed up at least 3 obvious shots tonight which pissed me off. 


And for Christ sake, can they learn a breakout starting from behind their net with a 1/2 aggressive forecheck. It's a consistent embarrassment. 

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1 hour ago, Mike Brown said:

Oh well.


  • Shots: 30-19 Devils
  • Corsi: 46-29 Devils
  • Scoring Chances: 26-15 Devils
  • HD Scoring Chances: 12-6 Devils

5 ON 5

  • Shots: 25-12 Devils
  • Corsi: 39-22 Devils
  • Scoring Chances: 22-10 Devils
  • HD Scoring Chances: 10-3 Devils

Hell yeah we won!

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