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TG Leaving the Record


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On 4/6/2016 at 1:35 PM, '7' said:


Well if I'm listening to a color commentator, I would like that he at least has a pleasing voice. That's actually a job requirement. Chico was a bit goofy but at least he was fun/interesting to listen to and didn't sound like he was gargling with gravel. And he was a bigtime homer too which was nice.

That said he's probably not going anywhere and once the Devils start winning more regularly we'll be less concerned with these issues as a whole.

I actually find Dano's honesty refreshing.  I didn't mind Chico at all, basically like you said I thought he was goofy but still easy to listen to and a nice guy in general, but he was definitely a homer and I have found Dano's comments and honesty about the team when they aren't playing well to be what people need to hear.  You can tell he is a lot closer to the team being that he's only a decade or so removed from his playing days and still cares and knows that the team can and should do better when they're not playing well.

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Andrew Gross is still filling in for TG for the time being, so I guess they're taking their time hiring someone...  hopefully it's worth the wait.

Looks like this guy is taking over for Chere (though his twitter account bio hasn’t yet been updated):   

Chris Ryan | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com   @ChrisRyanHS

About Me: Sports reporter for NJ Advance Media, covering the New Jersey Devils.

He's posted a few generic articles on the Draft here:  http://connect.nj.com/staff/crryan/posts.html


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So it's official - Andrew Gross (ex-NYR guy for the Record) is taking TG's spot.  I figured it was a possibility since he's been filling in for TG all summer...  

I interrupt my vacation with this news - I have officially been re-assigned by The Record and will be covering the Devils.


Updated to add his intro from the Blog: http://fireandice.northjersey.com/fire-ice-1.174987/introducing-your-new-devils-beat-reporter-me-1.1646310


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