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Devils Sign Santini to ELC


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10 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

According to Fire and Ice year this is year 1so they are already burning a year which was probably part of convincing him to sign. 

Yeah, apparently the 9 game "slide" rule only applies to teenagers. Just found this out today

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"You can't really compare the two. I wanted to win the national championship," Santini said about losing in the NCAA Frozen Four tournment. "The whole team did. That's what we worked for all season. I guess this is the consolation prize. It's not comparable. I wanted to be in the NHL, but I also wanted to win the championship."


This is why Santini will be a future captain. He is still pissed about the loss.

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I don't think I've ever watched a BC game at any length in the time that Santini was there, and people who know a lot more about the sport than I do really want him to be here, and not risk losing him.  However, in addition to the pedestrian point totals, the stuff I've read from BC fans suggest that people who have been watching him play all this time seem to think he's pretty meh for the past three years.  

I mean, on paper Santini seems to be pretty much the same player with the same pedigree as Brady Skjei, and I don't hear a lot of Ranger fans talking about him as anything more than someone who could be a competent NHLer.  

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