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GDT - The End - Devils vs Leafs 7pm


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^^^To set the mood, take your pick of sad songs. ^^^


Posting this early so we can say our piece about this year before our annual send-off/thank you/off-season thread.

I'm happy to say this season went above and beyond my expectations. Disappointed to miss the playoffs again, but then again, in September i wasn't expecting to. I wasn't even expecting to get this close. Martys retirement game is one i will remember the rest of my days, happy to be there with fellow NJDevs.

Aside from the last 2-3 weeks, this has been one of the most fun Devils teams I've watched in a while. They looked like they were having fun playing and the team had great chemistry for the most part. I really liked the hardhat and the puck board to mark their wins by @njdsk8guy , their equipment manager. Im excited for our youth and especially Pavel and Santini. 

Next season will be mine and MBs 10th anniversary with NJ Devs. What a wild decade it's been. Lot of hope for the next ten years and beyond.









Let's go Devils.

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No question that this season had exceeded my expectations but the past few weeks have been some really brutal hockey to watch and I'm glad it's over after tonight. I've really felt like I've been wasting my time and money at points during these past 4 seasons so it was really fun for most of this season to actually feel like this team was fun to watch and actually had a shot (even though it was a far out shot) of actually making the playoffs. 

I also thought the crowds were pretty solid all year so I think the front office is finally doing something right on that end. 

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They definitely exceeded expectations this year. The last couple of weeks excluded, it's been a pretty fun season, and I'm really looking forward to next season, along with seeing what Shero does this summer. Tonight should be a combination of fun and emotional, between getting the Lou video tribute, and all the kids making their debuts, along with it possibly being Patty's last game... A good combination of paying tribute to the past, while welcoming the future of the franchise. I'll be in 231. LGD.

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51 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

I hope the crowd goes crazy every time Elias has the puck just in case this is actually his last game. I wouldn't mind seeing him back for a reasonable 1 year deal. 

Agreed. He's good enough for third line minutes if he is healthy. 

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Couldnt bench Gionta and Ruutu for Blandisi and Boucher?

Hopefully its for their swan songs in a Devils' uniform...

I know...Gionta drives me nuts! Reminds of a person who drives their car 100mph to the red light getting nowhere fast.

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