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Anybody use slingbox or sling tv?

Devils Pride 26

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I've been using Slingbox for almost 6 years now, and while it is very useful, it isn't a replacement for cable.  All it does is take the output from your set-top box and stream it via the internet so you can watch on your phone/tablet/PC.  It works well so long as you have a fast, stable internet connection (particularly upload speeds), but it's kind of useless if you ditch cable lol.

I've never used Sling TV, so I can't speak to that, sorry.

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I have a Slingbox M1 and it's great for my situation.  I have it parked on a rarely used cable box at my parents' house and I pay for 100/100 FiOS at my place.  I use my Android phone to cast it to a Chromecast/Roku at my house.  Obviously my parents are paying 10/m or whatever for the cable box and I would have to compete with whomever would want to use that box (more like watch what they are watching), but it has never become an issue for me as they rarely ever use that TV at the same time I Sling.

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