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Devils sign C Vernon Fiddler, 1 year, $1.25M


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4 minutes ago, Triumph said:

he can PK, and he's been playing center for 6 years at least.

ah ok i figured at 36 he wouldn't have the speed you'd ideally want from a defensive minded centerman.

Either way I can't imagine they qualified JJ just to replace him with Fiddler 3 days later. I would guess Josefson will compete for the 3rd line center spot or be shifted to Fiddler's wing. It seemed that Hynes liked to use him on the 2nd PP unit so it didn't seem like he was out of favor

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34 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

i don't think this affects josefson. it affects steven gionta who is gone after this move.

Maybe.  But Josefson cannot be on the 3rd line this year.  Now with Fiddler here, he at least won't be a center on the 4th line.  So it's getting crowded.

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1 minute ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Maybe JJ can be packaged in a trade. Bottom six seems awfully crowded.

im kind of hoping that's the case. I know we have 2 guys thare are likely gonna play maybe 1 season.... combined.... over the next 2 years.... but not  alot of room for some guys

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