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Gomez retires

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20 hours ago, DevsMan84 said:

I think I remember reading Sather legitimately thought Gomez was a consistent 80-90 point player that was being held back by the Devils system.  Also think I remember reading that Sather was not alone in that line of thought and that is why he paid him that big $.  In the three seasons leading up to his signing with the Rangers, he had 214 points in 234 games, so not really too far fetched for them to think that.

Yeah, discussed that before in other threads, re:  Sather thinking that Gomez was somehow being held back by the Devils.  The 33-goal season blew up that 3-year sample and expectations...and Gomer's salary (though he still would've gotten [over]paid well).  I think that season led some to think that Gomer could become a consistent 25+ goal scorer to go along with his other skills, but that just never happened.

I thought it was always funny how Gomez was knocked in Ranger Country for being...well, what he'd always been.  But the "Devils are holding him back" crap and the huge salary just created expectations that Gomer could never live up to. 

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His early years were filled with some of the all-time best Devils hockey; there are so many great memories from that time, and he is a focal point of many of them. He made a terrible decision in joining the Rags, but in the end, he came back home and finished strong. Congrats on a great career Gomer.

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13 minutes ago, BostonNala370 said:

Regardless of his bad decision he now has the money and is retired, so how bad was that decision? 

He got paid a boatload and playing in New York definitely appeals to a lot of players.  The Rangers also made the playoffs in both of his seasons there...it could've gone a lot worse.  The only thing that all parties involved were guilty of was making Gomez out to being better than he truly was.  Not really a bad decision, I agree.  Just one not made based on realistic expectations, especially from the Rangers' standpoint. 

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